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Howard Office (Main Office)

At the canal's southern entrance on the Pacific side of Panama, Howard office is located at The International Business Park at Panama Pacifico is a 26  Hectare Class 'A' business Park, near to maritime trade and commerce divisions and close to Panama Ports Balboa, Flamenco, Rodman Terminal, Puerto Armuelles/Charco Azul and Taboguilla Island Terminal.

Phone: +001 (507) 211-9400
Fax: +001 (507) 211-9450

Cristobal Office

At the canal's northern entrance on the Atlantic side of Panama in the city of Colon named in honor of Christopher Columbus, the Cristobal office located in front of the Panama Ports Terminal and next to the Colon Free Zone, Colon 2000 Terminal, Manzanillo International Terminal and Colon Container Terminal residing in the city center of maritime trade and commerce.





Effective 7 June 2016 and until further notice for vessels transiting the Panamax locks the maximum authorized transit draft is set to 12.04m (39.5 feet) TFW * deepest point of immersion.   * Some Vessels because of hull configuration (Bilge keel radius) are not allowed transit at this draft. Please check with us before fixing.  (Advisory A-33-2016)
Effective 18 October 2016 and until further notice for vessels transiting the Neo-Panamax locks the maximum authorized transit draft is set to 13.72m (46 feet) TFW deepest point of immersion .  (Advisory A-30-2017)


Transits Through Expanded Panama Canal

Panama Canal Maintenance Schedule

West Lane* 30 - 32
(Gatun Locks)
July 20,  2018 (8 Hours) Tentative
East Lane* 32 - 34
(Miraflores Locks)
July 23-24,  2018 (8 Hours) Tentative
West Lane* 32 - 34
(Pedro Miguel Locks)
July 26-27,  2018 (10 Hours) Tentative
East Lane* 22 - 24
(Gatun Locks)
August 14-23,  2018 (10 days) Tentative
East Lane* 22 - 24
(Gatun Locks)
September 13-14,  2018 (10 days) Tentative
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