Port Facilities

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a. Balboa

Located at 8.57N, 79.34W, the Port of Balboa lies at the Pacific end of the Panama Canal. It is a deep water port (40 feet or over at low tide) of medium size, offering excellent shelter to vessels.

The mean range of the tide is 13 feet, but there are no entry restrictions due to tidal variations. The anchorage area offers good holding ground for vessels of any draft, from Taboquilla Island to entrance buoys of the Canal.

Dredging operations to maintain the harbor and extend its present limits are continued, and there is ample room for the safe handling of ships.

The port of Balboa is now operating under a 20 year concession to the Hutchinson Port Holdings. Panama Ports has invested heavily in earth moving and equipment to outfit the port with state of the art equipment. For more information, refer to their web site at http://www.hph.com.hk/globalbusiness/business.aspx?gid=45

b. Cristobal

Located at 9.21N, 79.55W, the Port of Cristobal lies at the Atlantic entrance of the Panama Canal. Two long breakwaters have converted the entire bay into a safe anchorage, protecting shipping in Cristobal harbor from strong north winds, prevailing from January through May.

The mean tidal variation is about 1 foot at Cristobal. The depth of the harbor is maintained at 40 feet or over, and the designated area for anchoring inside the breakwater has a depth varying from 35 to 55 feet. The port offers good shelter and there is adequate space for the safe handling of vessels.

The Port of Cristobal is now operating under a 20 year concession to the Hutchinson Port Holdings. Panama Ports is also developing a Cruise terminal in dock No. 6. For more information, refer to their web site at http://www.hph.com.hk/globalbusiness/business.aspx?gid=46

c. Manzanillo International Terminal

This modern and well equipped terminal is Panama's first fully commercial and privately operated facility. A new opening in the Cristobal East Breakwater provides access and the area maintains separate pilotage and other port services from those of the Panama Canal Authority and the existing port to Cristobal. For more information, refer to their website at www.mitpan.com

d. Evergreen Line Terminal

The Evergreen group has develop an independent port operated by Colon Container Terminal. The port has Panamax cranes that can attend the ever increasing volumes of cargo in the Atlantic end of Panama. For more information, refer to their website at: www.cct-pa.com

e. Colon 2000

A group of private investors has developed a facility for cruise vessels with the latest technology. For more information, refer to their web site www.colon2000.com

f. Other Ports of Panama go to here




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