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Associated Steamship Agents, S.A. can trace its origins on the Isthmus of Panama back to 1889, when Captain William Andrews opened a Steamship Agency in the city of Colon on the Atlantic side. Today we maintain offices in both Balboa, on the Pacific side, and Cristobal, on the Atlantic side, where our operations departments work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, responding to the needs of our principals from around the world who use the Panama Canal and ports in the Republic of Panama.

In addition to representing many ship owners and operators, Associated Steamship Agents are also the agents for Lloyd's of London at the Canal and undertake hull and machinery surveys on behalf of underwriters from Europe, the United States and the Far East.



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pacificoAfter nine long years of navigating through turbulent waters since the start of the expansion program, and dealing with a myriad of very complex legal contracts, the Panama Canal Authority has confirmed the date of inauguration of the new locks for 26 June 2016. This shows the conviction of the Canal Administration and that of the people of this small but incredible country, in reaching this important goal.

The Panama Canal Authority and the people of Panama feel very proud to have completed this major Engineering project. For a country of less than 4 million it is an outstanding achievement.

Sixteen years ago when the Government of this small Nation took on the responsibility to run and operate the Panama Canal, the world had reason to doubt the ability of its people to reign the destines of such an important and strategic waterway. The people of Panama have not only demonstrated its determination and capacity to run and operate the Panama Canal, but to go a step further and to engage in an expansion program that even for a developed country would have presented tremendous challenge. The significance of the new locks to the world is huge, as these new locks will change the way trade is conducted around the globe.

The size of the new locks will be able to accommodate container ships carrying up to 13000 TEU’s and other vessels with cargo capacities in range of 150,000 tons. This is more than twice the cargo that any ship up until today has been able to carry through the existing Panama Canal.

As Panama prepares to deal with the challenges of inaugurating the new locks and the handling of these very large ships, we are happy to be part of this historic event and we look forward with excitement at the opportunities that this incredible Engineering marvel will generate, not only for our country, but for the world.

Associated Steamship Agents, S.A, with its root names of Payne & Wardlaw and W.Andrews is part of this amazing success story. We have been operating in Panama since 1889, that is prior to the opening of the Panama Canal and prior to Panama being a fully independent Country. We live in exciting times and to witness the entering into operation of the new locks is a historic event that will mark the future of all of us. 

The pictures we share here with you, courtesy of the Panama Canal Authority, capture the physical and Engineering results of the efforts made by an entire Nation, but the magnitude of this enterprise, the dedication and the work of the many Panamanians and foreigners who contributed to this marvel, will only be realized with time. History will take care of honoring the place of this great achievement.



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On 13 January the Panama Canal Authority published Advisory to Shipping No.02-2020 announcing a series of measures in response to the low precipitation and the critical water levels of the two lakes that support the Canal operation.

A second Advisory No.03-2020 was published on 28 January with additional information pertaining to the water conservation measures and the specific actions that will be in place as of 15 Feb 2020. (PANAMA CANAL WATER STRATEGIES AND IMPACT TO SHIPPING)


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